Do you drive a big rig and ride a bike? If so join us now and get ready for one hell of a ride and party!!

Several drivers that met through Sirius Satellite Radio came up with the idea to get as many trucker/bikers as they could together to ride to Sturgis. The first year they did this was 2008; they had a GREAT time and made some life long friends!


RDOH does not care if you have Sirius/XM or not, ride a Harley or something else, they just thought it would be great fun to get a bunch of hard working truckers, that also ride motorcycles, together for some relaxation, riding, and old school camaraderie.

So set those air breaks for a bit and put your knees in the breeze and join us in August. Come do some riding, make some new friends and be a part of what we believe is becoming a new trucker/biker tradition!!

Everyone is welcome to join us. We are not an MC and never will be. We are just a group of drivers and friends that love to ride our bikes!


We have had a lot of fun over the years and hope to have a heck of a lot more in the future. Road Dogs on Hogs would like to thank everyone for their support over the years. This website will be shutting down soon. You can still find the group on Facebook. So come on over, get to know everyone and join us in August at Sturgis.

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